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A Past Life Regression session is deep work done on the unconscious mind and will often affect our habitual reactions to life situations.  Knowing this when doing a past life regression, it is important that you work with an experienced professional who can assist you with issues that may arise following your regression.  Christy Hu has been conducting past life regression/hypnosis healing since 2005.

And although there are very few healing avenues that can offer the mental and emotional healing and insight that can be attained  through a past life healing therapy. We are most often enigma to ourselves and a past life session will allow you to assess your actions, your relationships in a clearer and focused light.

It is believed that we have lived many lives before but some lives affect us in our present life situation. E.g if you have taken a vow of celibacy in a life that affects you profoundly in this life, you may find it difficult to sustain a relationship until you consciously acknowledge and dissolve that vow taken in another life time. Past Life Regression is enriching and empowering and is a helpful  tool for us to better understand what we (as a soul) are evolving to in order to better help our path allowing us more love and light.


In my experience, I realize that Past Life Regressions are particularly invaluable when dealing with issues that have no basis or ?rational? cause. Many people may  find interactions with certain individuals that they are perpetually in conflict with, maybe at work, a difficult lover, in career or with family members. These conflicts may have the feeling of  matters being unresolved but should be resolved  meaning that there is no logical reason  for the conflict but rather the feeling that ?there is just something about a person or a relationship I don?t understand but would very much like to?.

Regressions are particularly helpful in solving relationship problems with partners, parents and family members, with money issues, maybe even some biases. People with unexplained fears and phobias tend to do benefit from Past Life Regressions.  It is said that some chronic  illnesses or allergies and even congenital illnesses and defects can be cured and  and often times eliminated  through the use of Past Life Regressions. Our bodies are but a mirror  of our conscious and unconscious mind. As a result, certain traumas or physical accidents that occured in a previous life can manifest physical symptoms in this life.

WHAT TO expect in a Past Life Regression

Some people naturally can regress more easily into their past than the others. But  the idea is to be like a child perpetually curious - why?  how? when?, no criticisms, no judging just let it flow out gently.  Be extremely fluid.  But the data or info that can be dredged up can be verified eg you would expect lots of fighter planes in 1942 because it was WWII and moon worship actually presided sun worship in ancient Egypt.  I always try to get dates and details and I always encourage my clients to go verify them after at the library or search through the internet about clothing, customs, religion of their experiences of their past lives seen.  Some people experience abreactions, eg intense grief, anger or hatred during the session and we will try to clear out these heavy emotions to make space for more positive energies to come in. 


                         HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF

Because  of "unfinished business" from our past, intense longing of an object, or for a person, we tend to repeat our actions unless wisdom is achieved and a past life therapy affords us this type of wisdom provided we have the courage to face it.   This compulsion to repeat is the reason and the method by which we finish our unfinished business for when we repeat the behavior, we have the opportunity to change the outcome, thus finishing the business. A past life regression allows us the opportunity to change the energetic structure of the past so that history need not be repeated.

Past life therapy offers a therapeutic way in which to finish business while learning the lessons. The client, after experiencing the failure of that particular life, is able to release the repressed emotions and see the situation from the paradigm of his current life. This view allows resolution with his past situation as well as assist him in finding other solutions, alleviating or dissipating the existential problem.


What if my past lives are too much for me to handle?

Some people fear that their past can be too fearful or too destructive to handle and may adversely affect their present.  But the truth is the subconscious minds main aim is to protect the body and the psyche from harm, so you can rest assured that you will not experience anything that you cannot handle. This is one of the ?fail safe? mechanisms built into human beings. Even when it feels difficult, you will know that you are ready for this experience. You are much wiser than you realise.

 To remember all traumatic experiences at one go can sound  devastating but rest assured your Higher Self will be able to assimilate and process the experiences.



Very unlikely!   As an all-rounded well trained therapist and consultant  I very gently but surely guide you into your deepest unconscious subconscious.  I have regressed many patients who come to me after  been to other  therapists and were unable to be regressed.  Needless to say a lot of my clients are actually referals.   


What are the Benefits? 

Past Life Regression is one of the most effective psychological avenues available and can save many years of psycho analysis and psychotherapy.  Patients  often  have  amazing changes in their lives after  just one session eg I have clients who immediately found their soul mate within just a couple of months after regression work - how do I know? Because they upon seeing such good results in themselves recommend friends who in turn tell me what had happened after regression work .     In doing Past Life Regression, I will also help you clear away energy implants and blockages found inside your body namely head,  heart chakra, solar plexus.  This helps you to think clearer, feel happier.  Also I will help you clear cords which are formed during past lives - unless of course you insist on keeping them.  Sometimes these cords are cumbersome and troublesome eg cords of vows of celibacy or poverty - eg. if the patient had been a monk or a nun in a previous life.


Christy Hu is a certified hypnotherapist and a past life regressionist with American Hypnosis Association and with The Royle institute of Hypnotherapy and Psyhotherapy.   Ms Hu is also an Usui Reiki Master and a Fengshui Consultant.

 Past Life Regression 90mins +  $250



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Venue: Studio at Stevens Road (opp Stevens Rd YMCA)



Testimonial by Marilyn (school teacher) 

"Chrissy, hi. Mary here.  Hope u remember me. How are you? I am now reading a book called many lives many masters and can see and draw a parallel.  What you did for me was amazing.  I have told my friends about your great work and they will be making appointments soon to meet you.  Thank you.  God bless."


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